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Sunday School

Beyond Worship

Sunday Morning Discipleship at First

Extend your worship experience by being part of a Sunday morning class. In addition to our program for children and youth, we have ten different classes for adults every Sunday! In each, we focus on engaging God’s Word and enjoying fellowship with God’s people. These smaller “congregational communities” offer a home for sharing lives as well as learning. It is here that a true sense of community can be built. We have one class at 8.45 for those attending the early morning chapel service. Nine others meet during the discipleship hour between the Sanctuary services at 10.10 am. There’s one for every age, stage and taste. Further information is available at the Connection Center on Sunday mornings. 
College     10.10 am     EB 203/Library
Connect: A place where college students and young adults ages 17-24 can connect with and walk alongside others who are finding their way through these exciting years while being loved and accepted by leaders who have “been there, done that.” Don’t try to do it alone—get connected.
Teacher: Chad Lott 
Explorers     10.10 am     EB 301
Walking with God and beginning a career can sometimes be a challenge to do at the same time. Come connect with others as we lay a foundation for a lifetime of using our gifts and skills for God’s kingdom. This fall we will study the theology of work by using material from Tim Keller and others. Each class is a very relational time as we interact over what the Bible says about the sacredness of work. Primarily for adults in their 20s and early 30s.
Teacher: Darin Travis
Kingdom Builders     10.10 am     SB 220
This class is geared toward adults in their 30s and 40s. Excellent teaching and warm fellowship characterize this class. Many would say this class is where they first began finding community in the church. This fall we will be digging into the “I Am” passages of Jesus in the book of John. On top of Sunday mornings, we also meet a few times throughout the year for socials in someone’s home or a local pool. Come join this growing class where God’s Word is cherished and friendships are deep.  
Teacher: Ryan Dickerson
Essentials     10.10 am     Location TBD
A class for parents of confirmation students. Our children are being exposed to the essentials of the faith during these formative adolescent years through the confirmation class. Join other parents who are also trying to raise their children in the faith while we explore the depths of the scriptures for ourselves. This is a new Sunday school class at First Presbyterian and should be a fantastic way to step into the life of our church and go deeper.
Contact: Darin Travis
Cross Roads     10.10 am     EB 202
Prayer: A close look at the privilege of prayer, examining John 17, the OT and NT using guided discussion to discover God’s purpose in inviting his children to call him ‘Abba Father’ and talk with him and ask him about anything. Primarily for adults in their 50s and 60s.
Truth Seekers     10.10 am     EB 302
A discussion-heavy class intended for adults in their 50s-70s. The class will be studying the Apostles’ Creed: an in-depth study of the Creed, why it is important today, and how it can impact our faith and life.  
Teacher: Larry Simeral
Chapel Service     9 am     EB 202
This class is exploring the book of Revelation this fall. It is a timeless letter written by the Apostle John for the edification of the church. Some may find this book intimidating, but rest assured, we will benefit from wonderful teachers who are eager to lead us theologically in a very relational manner. Primarily for adults of any age who attend the 7.45 Chapel communion service.
Rotating Teachers
Foundations     10.10 am     SB 219
A Sunday school class that welcomes all ages and all levels of experience whose main purpose is to explore different forms of media and material that will enhance our personal bible study during the week. We will unpack God’s word each week and explore its riches and glory so that we leave each week loving him more and seeking to glorify his name in all we do and say.
Teacher: Hank Mills 
Lecture     10.00 am     EB 207
A class for adults of any age that explores topics in Theology, Christian History, the Basics of the Faith and the living out of the Faith; each of these journeys being rooted deeply in Scripture. Books that we have surveyed recently include N. T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope, which considers the world to come and life after death, 
T. B. Matson’s Christian Ethics and Shirley Guthrie’s Christian Doctrine.
Teacher: Jim Ingram
Ed Grant     10.10 am     Dunham Chapel
The class will consider various covenants from God found in the Old and New Testaments and have a deep dive into the historical, cultural, and theological import of these covenants. Intended for adults of any age.