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Small Groups

Let’s face it—these days it's easy to put together a really wonderful worship experience in the comfort of your own home or car. You can download the best music, find the best preaching and tailor everything to your most particular desire. But guess what? Finding the best of everything on your own is the worst way to go about the Christian life. Why? Because we need each other in order to grow as Christians. As one author puts it, “your walk with God is a community project.”
It’s because the Lord has built into us a need for community that First Presbyterian is making a strong push for greater involvement in small groups. These groups are a great opportunity to get together with others and experience the truth of the gospel together.
At various times throughout the year, small groups will focus on a particular topic. We might dwell on a sermon series for several weeks. Then annually during Lent, the topic revolves around the senior pastor's Lenten Study Guide. No matter the study, the opportunity to dig deep into God's Word is always challenging, enlightening and thrilling, but so much more so when in community.

Shepherding Through the Psalms

We all know how isolating this pandemic has been. Our “Shepherding through the Psalms” groups are a pointed effort to draw near to the Lord and each other during this unusual time. During the Psalms series, we want to give each other “permission” to have more than surface-level conversations on a regular basis with those we love and care about. These groups will be comprised of 3-6 friends who will weekly connect with each other via a text, phone call, lunch or coffee – whatever works best for you! Spur one another on by discussing what you’re learning from the Psalm of the week, how the prayer rhythms are going and how to intentionally pray for each other. Consider gathering your group for a watch party for the Sunday night teachings. Each group’s leader/shepherd will connect with the discipleship team for support and that they might flourish. We know you already love each other so well; consider signing up for a group so that, during these next 100 days (August 9-November 22), we might have a very intentional effort to connect well as a church body. To sign up as a group shepherd or member, email Kelly Wood.

More About the Psalms Study