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What's Happening at First Presbyterian?

Colossians for Kids

Posted: 07/30/2018

This fall our children are going to dig deep into God’s Word and learn what it really means to be a Christian. Over the summer, I had the privilege of writing a 16-week Sunday school curriculum for kids. Beginning in August, we will teach our children the same Scripture text Gerrit will preach on during his sermons. The theme of Colossians is that Jesus Christ is pre-eminent. This means that Jesus Christ is supreme, all powerful, superior and has authority over all things. We will teach the children who Paul is and why he wrote this letter to the Christians in Colossae. Through studying Colossians, we will teach our children who Jesus is, what he has done for us and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The book of Colossians will help us remember who we are in Christ and what we have because of him. As we study together, I pray the Lord will redirect our often-distracted focus back to Christ. We will kick off our new kids’ Colossian series on Sunday, August 12, promotion Sunday.

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