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What's Happening at First Presbyterian?

"Kingdom of God" Sunday School Series

Posted: 12/27/2019

The "Kingdom of God" is found in over 100 places in the New Testament. Scholars agree. It is the governing motif in the NT. And although not mentioned in the OT, the idea is firmly rooted there. But what is it? Is the kingdom of God really “within you?” Is it internal, a divine spark in our hearts? Or is it external–a future heavenly dimension, or an earthly realm to be established now? Or is it something else? Jesus’ teaching left many scratching their heads. It has come, yet lies in the future. It is about to happen yet is still far off. Come join this 6-part adult series on "What the Bible Says about the Kingdom of God" taught by Lloyd Lunceford. The class will emphasize Scripture, feature famous works of art and include Oscar winning film clips. Beginning on January 12 at 10.10 am in the Crossroads class, Education Building, room 202. 

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