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Care Ministry

Pastoral Counseling

Sometimes we need an objective perspective in order to gain more of God’s peace in the midst of our problems. Sometimes we need more guidance than we have been given. Please contact Laura Shaw if you would like to schedule a call or meeting with a pastor. 

Hospital Visitation

Please let us know if you or someone you know is hospitalized and would like a visit from a pastor or another member of our Care Team. We have seen and experienced many benefits of visiting, reading Scripture and praying for those hospitalized. 

Homebound Communion

When you can’t come to your church, your church will come to you. Are you or someone you know in need of having communion served at home? If so, we will add you to the list of those served once a month by a dual-member team.

Care Ministers

Sometimes just visiting someone who can no longer get out or who simply desires more fellowship and connection, makes all the difference in the world. With Matthew 7: 12, 1 Corinthians 12: 7, Philippians 4: 13-14 and James 1: 27 in mind, Care Ministers spend time visiting those who are homebound and/or feeling lonely and in need of more connection. A visit often involves listening, encouraging and comforting as well as ending with a time of prayer. Our Care Ministers often report the joy they gain through listening to, laughing with, and simply loving on those they visit.

Are you feeling called to this type of ministry? Please contact Laura Shaw at 225.387.0617 or email her to make an appointment.

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Team walks alongside those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. This team serves as hosts to families during funeral services held at FPC, warmly welcoming and providing refreshments and other needs in order for the service to go smoothly. For more information about how to become a member of the Bereavement Team, please contact Becky Phillips

Care Card Ministry

Do you have a heart for sharing compassion, sympathy, encouragement, congratulations, or any other type of care through writing cards? If so, you may want to join our team. Please contact Laura Shaw if you’re interested.

Marriage Mentoring

Every marriage has matters that could be addressed in order to grow as a Christ-centered relationship. Your marriage may deepen in love and respect with the assistance, guidance and prayer of Marriage Mentors. In addition to periodic marriage and family seminars, Pastor Jim Solomon continues to develop a team of mentors and “mentees” to pair one couple with another.

Fas Crowd (Fun After Sixty)

In addition to our church-wide activities, First Presbyterian offers a variety of groups and events that specifically address the interests of our senior members. The FAS (Fun After Sixty) Crowd meets monthly. The focus is social but we love a good meal so we meet at a local restaurant. Couples and singles are invited to attend.

Check out the church calendar here to see when FAS Crowd next meets. 

Grief Care

Are you losing sleep? Are you sleeping too much? Are you overeating or under-eating? Do you sometimes think you’re forgetting more than usual? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling angry? If so, you may be normal if you have experienced loss in your life. In a special two-hour “Good Grief Seminar,” thoughts and guidance are shared regarding not only the psychological but also the emotional, mental, physical, relational and spiritual effects of grief. Jim focuses on steps that help us rise above what would hold us below in how we deal with loss in our lives. The seminar is free of charge and is open to the entire community. These seminars are offered periodically.

To register for the next seminar, please email Laura Shaw indicating “grief seminar” on the subject line of your email. You may also call 225.620.0222 and leave a voice mail with your name and anyone else with whom you would like to attend the next seminar. 

Recovery Ministries

Whether the need is recovery from a divorce, a death, an abortion, or even the challenges of breaking free from drug and alcohol abuse, sexual addiction, pornography use, or other issues, we want to be part of God’s solution to your situation. 

Meal Ministry

We frequently support others experiencing a trial by providing food. Are you interested in providing meals for those in special circumstances? If so, please contact Jim Solomon.

Contact Information to learn more about any of our Care Ministries:

Laura Shaw, Assistant for Missions, Pastoral Care and Membership

Jim Solomon, Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care and Prayer