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Katherine and Brian Miller

Medellin, Colombia

Katherine and Brian Miller

Contact Information:
Brian Miller

Katherine and Brian have been missionaries in Colombia since 2004 overseeing a street childrens' ministry as well as leading three impoverished church plants. In September 2012 they received a new call to a different part and population in Medellin. They are planting a church among the 96% nominal Roman Catholics who believe more in the power of “Maria Auxiladora” (Helping Mary) than the power of Jesus Christ. There are few Christian churches in the community reaching out to so many lost souls. Also, the churches that do exist have no strategies to reach the leaders of the community nor a desire to reach out to the impoverished.

AT THE MOMENT: Since March 2013 their strategy and forces have sought to impact the influential people of the society so in return they will use their influences to impact others less fortunate within their community. They started the church in prayer not to have a church filled of middle upper class people but to have every class and age group within the city represented in their services. Many people told them that it could never be done. They said that the Latin culture would never mix the rich and poor, but Brian and Katherine felt God saying that his love passes status barriers and color of skin. His church should resemble his love.
We praise God weekly that people will come to the Lord and that they have 30% upper class, 50% middle upper class, 10% lower class and 10% extreme poverty (they don’t know when their next meal will be) attending their church. They are so blessed to watch in their children’s group young upper class children interacting with children that are one step from ending on the streets.  It is incredible to see children ten years and under, who are being used to traffic drugs and money, relating to and talking about Jesus with other children whose only worry is if they can finish their homework on time.

TAKING STEPS TOWARD THE GOAL: At the moment Brian and Katherine are working in the local school system holding weekly Bible studies to help prevent sex-tourism. We at First Presbyterian Church are praying in faith with them to start a holistic home for children and adolescents who are sexually trafficked.
Lord willing, God will bring hope and transformation to the most marginalized in the community as God directs and unleashes the resources through the new church plant. You can follow Brian and Katherine's weekly updates on Facebook at Global Transformation Ministries or on their website at

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