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Men's Ministry

The men of First Presbyterian enjoy a variety of ministry and service together. We meet in various groups throughout the year, eat together, fellowship in one another’s homes, travel, study God’s Word and serve our neighbors. It is our desire to equip men to live as followers of Christ in the home, workplace and community. 
Please contact Darin Travis to become involved.


Fall Men’s Gathering

Men, it’s time to gather for our Men's Ministry fall kickoff! This year Chris Bruno of Restoration Project will be our speaker. Chris gives leadership to Restoration Project, a men’s ministry based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. RP exists to build a movement of restorative manhood that enables us to be the men God has created us to be and restore the lives of those around us. Brotherhood is the word that sums up this movement of men. We're eager for Chris to encourage us in the journey. 
We’ll meet in Calvin Fabre’s beautifully landscaped backyard at 5700 Sandalwood Dr. for an evening of bbq, drinks and discussion.  Come join the party! If you’d like to learn more about RP and the men’s adventure/experience weekends they create, check out the link below.
Fall Men's Gathering
Wednesday, August 23
6–8 pm
5700 Sandalwood Drive

More about Restoration Project

Men's Bible Studies

11.30 am
This group of 60-somethings has been together for a long time, are deeply committed to one another and thoroughly enjoy pursuing Christ together. Taught by Whitney Alexander, they are currently studying Hebrews.
At the Church
12 pm
Come join men who work in the downtown area for Bible study and lunch on Wednesdays at Noon. We meet at the church where lunch is provided and the discussion is always encouraging. Come join us!  Contact Darin Travis ( for more information.
Church Library
7 am
This group is mainly comprised of men in their 40s and is led by Gerrit Dawson. They enjoy rich teaching and lots of laughs together. They are currently studying the Gospel of Luke.
The Home of Mike LeBlanc
6.30 am
This Bible study has been a robust group for a long time. Always well attended, this group of 60 to 70-something men has logged decades together and it shows. Though very tight-knit, they’re always welcoming and eager for new men to join. Barry Phillips leads this group which is studying the Gospel of John.
Education Building 301
6.30 am 
Mainly comprised of men in their 30s, this group is led by Darin Travis, has very strong relational ties and loves welcoming new attendees to lock arms with them. They are currently studying the Gospel of Mark.


For more information on men’s ministry or to get connected to a men’s group, contact Darin Travis.