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Pete and Ruth Mitchell

Mission to the World (MTO)

Pete and Ruth Mitchell

Contact Information:
Pete Mitchell

The Mitchells have been with Mission to the World (MTW) since June 1990, serving in France since February 1992. Both of their parents were missionaries, Ruth's to the US from Australia and New Zealand, Pete's to South Korea. Both were gripped by the Gospel as children. Later as college students they wanted to serve where there weren't many Christians to build up the church for the glory of God. Today Pete’s primary responsibilities are leadership, preaching, worship leading, and exploratory mission. Ruth is doing mentoring, discipling/ counseling, service and hospitality.

The Mitchells are currently leading the MTW church planting team serving in southern France. The team is working in two cities, Marseilles and Toulouse. They work alongside a French Reformed Church pastor to revitalize an existing church on the East side of Toulouse. At the same time, the Mitchells are developing a relational network on the West side of Toulouse, where they live, in order to prepare the way for a church plant. They hope and pray that this new church will be developed from the "overflow" of the work of God in the greater Toulouse area.

Their long term prayer requests:
1. Deepening walk with God
2. Growing love in our marriage
3. Maturity of faith in our children
Other (medium term) prayer requests:
4. Completion of missionary task in the church plant in South Marseilles
5. Continued unity and harmony within mission team including French partners
6. Successful revitalization of the Reformed Evangelical Church of Toulouse
7. Formation of a prayer team and then later a launch team for the church plant in the southwestern suburbs of Toulouse

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