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First Thoughts Blog


How to Get Ready for Virtual Communion

Gerrit explains how to prepare for participating in Thursday’s 7 pm Service of Shadows. Four candles, a piece of bread and a cup of wine or juice, and you’re set to interact with the passion of Jesus and connect to him, together with our whole church, through the Lord’s Supper.


Links to watch the Service of Shadows are below. The video will be available at 7 pm Thursday, April 9.




Focusing Prayer Through Fasting

Our beloved pastoral care minister Jim Solomon invites us to the challenge of Tuesday lunch-fasts and how such practice can ignite your prayer life. Jim also asks that you check out the guidelines and insights on fasting that are included on our denomination’s website ( especially if you will fast not only on Tuesdays at lunch time but also the entire day on Good Friday, April 10. 

What Is This I'm Feeling?

What Is This I’m Feeling?

FPC deacon and BRCCC therapist Sherry Kadair puts words to some of the strange feelings we’ve all been having. You’re not crazy! We’re having ordinary reactions to extraordinary circumstances.

Tuesday Lunch Fasts

Following Gov. Edwards' call last week for a statewide day of prayer and fasting, Senate Chaplain Rodney Wood invites all Louisianans, and pastor Jim Solomon invites all First Presbyterians who can, to make fasting from lunch a Tuesday routine.  We can use this bit of deprivation to focus our prayers and ask for God’s mercy, grace and revelation upon our nation.

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Toxic Breath

Are you breathing the toxic breath of stress these days? Tension and fatigue are in the air. But what if we could draw breaths that bring peace. Katie Forsthoff introduces the ancient spiritual technique of breath prayer.